Agropecuaria Santas Masas, S.L. , has its own R + D + I team, which is in continuous development. There are different lines of research and development, always focused on animal welfare and human health. This is done through the collaboration of universities, such as Zaragoza and the collaboration of different professionals in the sector, in the different experimental farms that it has.

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Among the different lines of research include among others:

  • The use of feed with Omega-3 and its benefits in human health.
  • A diet without medication , with less protein diets and more fiber.
  • Improving animal welfare , decreasing the density of animals, which leads to a decrease in associated stress and the use of medicines.
  • Taking measures regarding biosecurity , exhaustive 3D control, as well as external infection factors.
  • Research on food systems to produce greater digestibility and lower consumption.
  • Developments of different systems of luminosity and ventilation , for animal welfare and reduction of antibiotics.
  • Control of water quality and its microbiological influence on animals, since water is a key nutrient and a potential vehicle for the transmission of pathogens.