Agriculture is for our company a basic and essential element to complement our core business, because of our geographic area as well it had been an activity absolutly linked to bovine cattle. We produce large amounts of grains such as barley and wheat. Who subsequently is used to feed our own animals. We bought a large amount of grain to farmers in the area, due to the large number of cattle and the excellent quality of the cereals in our region.


Our animals eat exclusively 1st quality food, transformed into bulk feed and fodder in the region. Thus we get meats with shape, color and unique flavor. As complement to cereal production activity, we carry pack fodder, mainly from barley straw and wheat harvested in our region.


In Agropecuaria Santas Masas, animal nutrition is very important to us. Therefore all our calves eat from our feed and our fodder, thus totally being controlled their feeding, and always getting the same high quality meat.