We offer a large wholesale assortment of beef, slaughtered using the Halal rite. We carry out our work through slaughterhouses with Halal Certification, through which we can offer complete guarantees that the meat has been slaughtered 100% Halal. We sell beef to wholesalers and retailers in different ways and types. The animals that we slaughter are raised on our farms, where we have a large supply capacity. We have all types of Calf Category within the S-E-U-R-O-P system (Culón Asturiano, Blonde, Limousin, Crossbreeds, Belgian Blue, Montbeliard, Holstein…), in the quantities required. We sell beef carcass, half carcass, front and rear parts, rear quarter… which are transported by refrigerated trucks throughout Spain and all over Europe. IMG_5447 IMG_6466 IMG_9608 PHOTO-2023-03-07-19-29-39 (4) IMG_9606 IMG_0132