Agropecuaria Santas Masas, SL from its beginnings to the present, its main activity and strength has been producing beef of the highest quality.

In order to afford it, the company has its own farms, and a large network of integrated farming, which have been selected both for their facilities as well as technical expertise and experience in handling cattle.

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Our production system is based in a strict control of food, health and welfare of animals. We carry out:

  • Careful selection of animals, in which we have special interest in genetics and animal status, operation and management source.
  • Standardization and uniformity of animals breeds and production systems. Rotations and increasing production and reducing much troubles. This enables our clients to reach their fresh meat necessities.
  • Use only qualified sanitary farms to prevent diseases such as tuberculosis, brucellosis, etc.
  • Farms are certified by Santas Masas Quality, to ensure that they received proper nutrition and care in our production function parameters.
  • Exhaustive animals documentation control.
  • Strict control of feeding, using for each type of animal and breed the most suitable to their conditions and balanced formula. Using feed and fodder produced by ourselves, with the highest quality raw materials.
  • Comprehensive Periodic inspection by our veterinarians throughout. Controlling health farm, vaccinations…

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 “Santas Masas cattle is famous for the quality of its meat and livestock care”

Our company produces a wide and diverse variety of livestock from our own cows, qualified on the Peninsula and in different countries across Europe herds. Thus being able to meet the needs and requests of our customers, regardless the market and features they provide.

In our facilities are produced the best genetic cattle from Spanish Pyrenees livestock, French Montbeliard, stud coming from Eastern countries or Frisian from diverse grounds, among others.

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