Agropecuaria Santas Masas, SL, has a great ability to get the farmers or his regular customers, and the kind of cattle that best fits their production conditions, in order to maximize the performance of their holdings.

Our company suppliescattle for fattening both milk calf, or fed calves weaned, to their customers, after a hard work of selecting cattle from countries of origin, ensuring that cattle arrive in perfect health, fresh, uniform conditions and with all guarantees.

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We supply any type of animal, weaned either at our facilities or anywhere in Europe, agreed in age and weight. This is possible due to the work performed by the company for years, networking and trade agreements by many countries, with our suppliers.

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First of all, we pay special attention to the correct identification of the animals and make transporting them into suitable to watering and milk while traveling in vehicles, following a scrupulous regard to animal welfare..

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Although we can supply you cattle from all sources, according to your preferences, our most common recommendations are along the lines of:

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