Our oxen are 100% brown mountain race, the autochthonous breed of our area. They are raised extensively by the meadows and mountains near the facilities, which Our oxen ensures a unique and natural quality of the meat, which all the associated farmers are obliged to comply with, and which translates into having recovered the pasture as a system of management and welfare of the animals through its extensive breeding and a natural diet, which infers the extraordinary tenderness characteristic of these oxen 100% brown mountain breed, the autochthonous breed of the area.


Its star product is the ox pastuenco, a castrated male, with more than four years when it is slaughtered. After the lactation period and until 42 months, he lives in extensive, feeding on pastures in the mountains of León and, completing his diet with forage when the adverse weather does not allow to find enough fresh grass. Thanks to the grazing regime and its morphological transformation by castration, the ox acquires an infiltration of intramuscular fat that gives its meat very peculiar characteristics.

By month 43, the ox goes to the stable to feed on cereals and legumes, completing the formation of intramuscular fat, on the one hand, and obtaining the natural external fat layer that helps to preserve the meat during the maturation period, superior to 21 days, before its commercialization.