All start from a small family ranching which had been working since years ago. Due to the excellent cattle and use of it, due to the hard work and our desire to improve, everybody noticed that we could be very competitives on the market. This is the reason of founding Agropecuaria Santas Masas S.L, Company dedicated exclusively at first to the breeding and fattening of bovine cattle. We had been building new family misuses, at the same time that our use, control and gestion abilities grew up, as well as the demands of our costumers. Owing to the constant rise we decided to built new offices and started up the integration cattle sistem in different misuses all over Aragón and Lérida.

As the time has been gone, Agropecuaria Santas Masas has been including new spheres related to bovine cattle; as fresh meat commercialization, certifications, Foster mother, stock services…as well as its international expansión, exporting and importing great quantity of animals. Also, the Company has joined the lamb fodder and agricultura industries.

Until nowadays Agropecuaria Santas Masas, with its mentality, with its care in a well done work, its great professionalism, and its adaptation ability to environmental circumstances and needs of market, has become established strongly in the food and agriculture industry.

Our structure is dynamic and very flexible to adapt our company to the needs of the market and to our customers, whatever their field of activity could be within the sector.