Santas Masas

Agropecuaria Santas Masas S.L., is a family business founded in the 90s. The Company is principally dedicated to bovine cattle. The principal place of business and the headquarters are located in Santas Masas, in Castigaleu township (Huesca).

Nowadays, Santas Masas is a diversified Company, including a branch of different activities, being the production and fattening of cattle, the commercialisation of milk calfs, grazer calfs and slaughter calfs, the commercialisation of fresh meat and certifications, are the main activities.

It is a strong business, with a lot of character and it is a model in the food and agriculture industry.

It relies an I+D+I department on and veterinarians in order to develope the new alimentary tecnologies, making the food more healthy and superior. Regarding to animals treatment as well as for their care and attention. The most important for us are the animals and their well-being as well as the people who acquire our products.